Lives and Videotapes

The Inconsistent History of Norwegian Video Art

Et annet lerret

A book by Marit Paasche

We have traveled far

A publication by Roxy Farhat, Richard Alexandersson and Jesper Fabricius


A dvd release by Mercedes Mühleisen and Øyvind Aspen

Modeling Agency

A publication by Janus Høm and Martyn Reynolds

ARMANI / dada

A publication by Martyn Reynolds and Halvor Rønning

Åpen radio USB-kassett

USB-cassette multiple on demand by Pete Fleming

Felines – Cecilia Jiménez Ojeda og Stian Gabrielsen

A written play by Stian Gabrielsen, drawings by Cecilia Jiménez Ojeda

Whatever it is, it is pulling us away

Publication by Sara Elstad Rehnlund and Susanne Quist

Moss – postkortserie

A postcard series by Josefine Lyche, Maria Lyngstad Willassen and Lars Brekke

Everything I have ever written – Øystein Wyller Odden

A publication by Øystein Wyller Odden

The first pages of – Anders Marius Henriksen

A book by Anders Marius Henriksen

The sound of my own footsteps and other stories – Kjersti Solbakken

Ten drawings in an envelope by Kjersti Solbakken

En rute: Bendik Kaltenborn

Poster by Bendik Kaltenborn from the series En rute.

En rute: Bjørn Bjarre

Poster by Bjørn Bjarre from the series En rute.

En rute: Øystein Runde

Poster by Øystein Runde from the series En rute.

En rute: Martin Ernstsen

Poster by Martin Ernstsen from the series En rute.

Feil forlag presenterer

Feil forlags performanceprogram på Hovefestivalens litteraturscene.

Huset i treet og andre tegninger

Book with drawings by Matilda Carlid, Hans Borchgrevink Hansen and Bendik Lynghaug.

Dead end kids

An exhibition and a publication. A numbered box i 300 copies with silk screened cover containing drawings, collage, postcards, photographs, texts and sound.


Poster by Silja Leifsdottir


Postcard series by Mikael Damstuen Brkic, Simen Engen Larsen, Stine Sterk, Maria Lyngstad Willassen and Richard Øiestad

I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps

Postkort av Mikael Damstuen Brkic

between, a hard place

Book by Pete Fleming


Flickerbook by Silja Leifsdottir