between, a hard place

bok av Pete Fleming

ISBN: 978-82-997851-0-5

a point of confluence

a concert chamber

a pot latch

ahistorical, noncannonical, anachronistic

a recepticle, a thinking space, a vessel that is both full and empty, a simulacrum

a focal point of community; the tree on the village green, the pub, a living monument, an axis

this is a book, it is not a Book

it gives form to the occurances around it, a vessel for the outside that surrounds it, containing what is projected, imagined to be in it

the book is inserted into the world just as the world is inserted in the book

the Book as an ideology and the exclusivity of knowledge the Book contains reinforces a power system (or semiotic regime) that maintains class division, elitism, separation – those that are versed in ‘literature’ and those that are not

the Book stands alone and isolated, a mouth no ears, a faceless goat

against the Book, the ideology of monomania, cult of the genius, the word of a faceless God, hegemony of Christian thought, the passional regime

just as we must find new ways to talk and explore, we must learn new ways to write, rather than regurgitating the active delusion of word-ingestion

nobody can read this book, no-one will, it is egalitarian, i do not even know what it contains exactly, indeed it is mainly still unwritten