Felines - Cecilia Jiménez Ojeda og Stian Gabrielsen

Felines er et teaterstykke skrevet av Stian Gabrielsen, Illustrert av Cecilia Jiménez Ojeda, publisert i forbindelse med utstillingen No one should call you a dreamer på Galleri F15 i Januar 2011.

I boken møter vi selveste Philip Seymour Hoffman i hovedrollen som seg selv. (Bla. kjent fra filmer som Capote, Magnolia, Cold Mountain mfl.)

Utdrag fra boken:

TOM: Doesn’t matter, you still have one arm. You struggle to the top. It’s warm, you’re sweating, but you’re focused, and you know what your goal is, and all you have to do is to achieve it, and that’s easy.

PHILIP: With one arm and one eye?

TOM: Let’s say the thing with the eye didn’t happen. I got a bit carried away. You had training so that didn’t happen. Or maybe you had sunglasses on, that protected you.

PHILIP: Yeah, because having one eye would kind of mess up my career. I’d only get pirate parts.

TOM: You still have both eyes, and now you have your hand on the ledge and you pull yourself up. And you’ve won, you achieved your goal.

PHILIP: It was a competition?

TOM: You were competing with your own lack of belief that you could achieve your goal.

PHILIP: And now what?

TOM: Now, you have won.

PHILIP: Won what?

TOM: The achievement of realizing your full potential.

PHILIP: How do I get back down?

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Utgivelsen er True Norwegian Black Drama del 4.