Åpen radio USB-kassett

A microphone was mounted on an exterior wall of the venue for the 2010 edition of Novafest, the annual arts and music festival hosted by Oslo’s Radio Nova. On the air 24/7, broadcasting whatever sounds it picked up, from ambient resonances to drunken revellers, everything was streamed live over the internet. A speaker inside the venue enabled visitors to hear what was being broadcasted from the street.

The installation aimed to blur and make interchangeable the usually clear definition between the listener and author of radio. As such Åpen (open) radio required an active engagement, you could choose to listen or have the impetus to speak and make sound. Deconstructing the role of the receiver to also be a generator, the radio became a means for discussion, for singing, to air grievances or play music from a mobile phone, or to hear an environment perhaps alien to ones own – there were listeners on separate continents. As with John Cage’s 4’33”, the environment and the participants became the content of the artwork. They are wholly linked, without a listener and without an audio source, it was just a collection of equipment. A playful challenge to the role of the audience: to subjection under an abstract machine, the apparatus of a social status quo or capital, and a chance to hear something different.

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