ARMANI / dada

ARMANI / dada is a new tendency in art. Rub my ear with your wet finger; we amplify each other’s highs and lows.

How does one achieve eternal bliss? By saying ARMANI / dada. How does one become famous? By saying ARMANI / dada. With a noble gesture and delicate propriety. Till one goes crazy. Till one loses consciousness. How can one get rid of everything that smacks of journalism, worms, everything nice and right, blinkered, moralistic, europeanised, enervated? By saying ARMANI / dada. ARMANI / dada is the world soul, ARMANI / dada is the pawnshop. ARMANI / dada is the world’s best lily-milk soap. And in questions of aesthetics, the key is quality.

Like Kate Moss doing Ashtanga Yoga gigantically sculpted in marble. A line of poetry is a chance to get rid of all the filth that clings to this accursed language, as if put there by stockbrokers’ hands, hands worn smooth by coins. All the words are other people’s inventions. I want my own stuff, my own rhythm and all I can think of is Kate Moss’s enormous pussy.

The dadaist manifesto, is that the whole thing? I dunno, it was the first hit on Google.

Utgivelsen består også av tekstbidrag av Tahi Moore (NZ) og MouNTaiNMisT (NO).

I løpet av en periode på fire måneder gir Feil forlag ut tre publikasjoner av inviterte kunstnere, produsert og lansert på W17. ARMANI / dada er den første utgivelsen i denne serien.