Modeling Agency

Modeling Agency is a book by Janus Høm (DK) and Martyn Reynolds (NZ). The book has been published in Vienna, Copenhagen and Norway this autumn. The book Modeling agency is an extension of the exhibition with the same title, curated by Janus Høm and Martyn Reynolds in Copenhagen at 68m2 in September 2011.

Everybody today who engages with culture via Facebook, fashion etc., filters it through their own experiences to model a subjective expression of their relationship to society. This publication considers these common strategies by which cultural consumers and artists use popular culture today. As an artistic strategy these appropriation processes are familiar to artistic production. At the same time curatorial production has increasingly moved towards the instrumentalising of artwork beyond a simple art historical narrative. Modeling Agency discusses the fusion of these two parallel conventions in artistic and curatorial production, which are accepted within the frames of their own discourses, but not each other’s.

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