Postcards by Halvor Rønning

As a Norwegian I dream of the oriental. I dream of the tropical and vegetal. I also dream of the continental life. These dreams increase in winter.

Halvor Rønning’s new postcard series is a series of works where issues related to dreams and escapism are explored. The dreams concern a certain lifestyle where one can almost feel the taste of peanut butter in your own back yard on a sunday morning in East Village. In Halvor Rønnings work, an ad by brands like Fendi or Rolex are treated with the artists hand as if it were a canvas, suggesting the artists’ ambivalent passion for interior design and lifestyle magazines. The drawings also implies the possible subject and the potential of a narrative. Juxtaposed with these works is a recipe for home made peanut butter, pushing the dream of perfection to a maximized everyday life.

Ads usually target people with time and money on their hands. One does however not need money to dream. As an artist, Halvor Rønning tries to incorporate the passion for daydreaming into his own labour, questioning aspects of work, escapism and power structures in communication.

Halvor Rønning is an artist based in Oslo. He has his education from Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien and the Art Academy in Oslo.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions, amongst other: AFA, Museum für Angewandte Künste MAK, Wien, Städtebauliche Prosa II, Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Wien, Pinot Noir is Better Than Merlot, Hallway Gallery, Wien, Notes from Underground, Baba Vasa’s Cellar, Shabla, I don’t Know Dem, Spreez, München and Europe, Europe, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo.

In 2011 Halvor released the publication ARMANI/Dada on Feil forlag together with Martyn Reynolds.

Price: NOK 25,-